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Upper Park Improvements at Northwest Park
Community Presentation Recording


BCRP says the focus of this plan will be on circulation improvements and extensive tree planting at the West Rogers Avenue portion of Northwest Park. A State grant added to existing funding and new PCDA funding that was received in FY24 to total over $675K. The attached schematic plan was included in the message from BCRP.


BCRP says that engineering is in its final stages and moving towards stormwater management approval.  They anticipate complete construction documents and all approvals to allow for construction bidding in early 2024.


BCRP offered to brief the community on this project since it has been some time since it was presented. I have email threads from 2017 on these improvements. The rendering (top above) looks to be the same as the one circulated in 2017. A sheet from the construction plan (bottom above) from March 2020 was previously provided by BCRP and provides some added details. FONWP has also been told before that documents and stormwater review were underway and had no further progress.

The message from BCRP also stated that, "With regards to the Driving Range, there is no allocated funding for design or construction at this time."

Thanks for your support. Please share this with the larger park community and neighbors. 


Northwest Park: Upper Park Improvements
1. What is included in the Upper Park improvement project? Everything shown on the rendering?


a. Patching and striping of the parking lot.
b. New sidewalk from entrance to top of parking lot.
c. Asphalt path from parking lot to JFT.
d. Playground addition (ADA?)
e. Circular plaza area with benches and bike rack.
f. Asphalt path from JFT to corner of Rogers and Wexford.
g. Depressed curb connection to path at corner of Rogers and Wexford.
h. Bench, trash can and signage at corner of Rogers and Wexford.
i. Loading area off Wexford to Community Garden.
j. Parking area south of Community Garden.
k. Oval Lawn.
l. Tree planting (What trees will be added? How will existing trees be preserved? What
replacements will be provided for anything removed?)
m. Signage at entrance to parking lot?


2. Is there a breakout of cost associated with the various items of the project?

3. When will construction bid documents be available to view?

4. What is the schedule for procurement?

5. What is the schedule for construction? Expected start/finish/duration?

6. How will BCRP and selected contractor(s) coordinate and communicate with the community
about construction activities that may impact park activities?

7. What benches, trash cans, signage, and fixtures will be included in the project? Number and

8. How is the Oval Lawn distinct from the other grass areas around it? Will this be re-graded and

9. How do the drainage outflows impact the parking lots and lower areas of the park? How will
these be maintained? 

10. What playground equipment will be added? Will it support ADA requirements?

11. What is the material for the playground surface?

12. Can the existing playground surface be repaired as part of the project? 

13. Will BCRP work with the community to coordinate new signage for entrance to parking lot?

14. The Community Garden has some funds set aside to purchase a water fountain. How can the
installation of that fountain be coordinated as part of the project?

15. How can the project coordinate on the impact of construction on the Memorial Tree grove
south of the existing playground? What needs to be preserved and what may need to be
replaced or moved?

16. How will other issues and projects at Northwest Park be address in future FY 2025 and FY2026?

17. When construction is complete how will the contractor remediate any damages to existing

18. Will DPW provide pick-up for new trash cans?

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