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Tree Base Mulching Day 3

November 1, 2020

  • We had a nice, skilled and energetic turnout from our volunteers!

  • Daffodil bulbs planted and mulching of tree bases was continued at the Commemorative Tree Grove (MWPT established site south of the playground).

  • Volunteers: Steve Frantz, Maria Leasca, Gwen DuBois, Jeff Call, Mike Sherlock, Paul Levine, Allegra Marquart, Tom Falkner, Barry Gotthelf, Tavian and Elizabeth Cardwell and their children Verona and Elijah.

  • Supplies and Donations: mulch funding - MWIA/Steve Frantz; daffodil bulbs - MWPT NatureSacred grant and Steve Frantz


As of Sunday 11/1/2020 -

The Northwest Park Commemorative Tree Grove (NWP-CTG) project is complete for now. Thanks to all who participated!

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