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About Northwest Park

Northwest Park is located near Baltimore City's beautiful neighborhood of Mount Washington. The park features soccer fields, baseball diamond, playground, community garden and a portion of the Jones Falls Trail.

The park land used to be fields for University of Baltimore and was slated to be sold and developed into townhouses. The Mt. Washington Improvement Association (MWIA) worked with University of Baltimore, the City and community leaders to transfer the land to Baltimore City Recreation and Park (BCRP) as part of a 80-year lease (50 year initial term with a 30 year option) that created Northwest Park.

BCRP with community input created a Master Plan for the Park. One of the Master Plan's recommendations was to establish a Friends of the Park group.

FONWP Mission Statement

Friends of Northwest Park (FONWP) is a group whose overall mission is to protect, promote and improve Baltimore City’s Northwest Park through community involvement, fundraising, environmental stewardship, sports and educational programming.

FONWP seeks to ensure the park’s vitality as a treasured green space and encourage its use and appreciation by neighbors, visitors, and future generations. Working in partnership with communities, civic organizations, local government, and individuals to maintain and promote a positive park image, provide a forum for ensuring community input into park changes, increasing fiscal and human resources for park programs and projects, preserving and adding to the existing forest, fostering park stewardship in the community, and developing events and programs that bring the community into the park to learn, recreate, and make friends.

By regularly updating and completing elements of the Northwest Park Master Plan, FONWP seeks to keep the park and programming current, vibrant, relevant to the community and meeting the needs of current and future generations.

FONWP believes that a broad representation and participation of our overall society adds a significant value to the park experience for each of us, and that these valued experiences are enhanced by embracing underrepresented and underserved communities both in race, religion, and sexual orientation. The park is for everyone to enjoy.

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